Evangeline and the Bunyip – cover reveal

Now, here’s the cover for the next novella episode of The Antics of Evangeline, Evangeline and the Bunyip.

Evangeline is back with another adventure with Balls, Bunyips and blancmange.

In 1882, Melbourne is under threat from a fearsome Bunyip and The Argus announces a reward for the capture of the beast. But Evangeline is not afraid, this is a perfect chance for Evangeline to test out her new monster catching device and save the day. With help from her best friend, Mei, and plenty of raspberry tarts of course.

Coming soon (and ebook only at this stage).

2016-464 3d render book transparent background


Evangeline and the Bunyip – sneak peek at page 1


Evangeline and the Bunyip – out now


  1. Rosemary Bierbaum

    Great cover – can’t wait for the book!

    • Madeleine D'Este

      Thanks Rosemary. Isn’t it great? The lovely people at Deranged Doctor Design have done another great job. I’m looking forward to sharing Bunyip with you.

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