I’m in the midst of Nanowrimo and closing in on 50k. Hoorah! I dip into research as I write and so I thought I’d share a few random links for interesting things I’ve researched during the past few days. My Nanowrimo manuscript is fantasy, so I’m going all medieval on your arse.


The use of birch rods for punishment and birches were always my favourite tree. I now look at them in a different way.


A day in the life of a medieval peasant woman

Here are two excellent links for descriptions of an average day for a medieval peasant woman from Unusual Historicals and SandraDodd.com


Norse namesĀ 

I’m slightly obsessed with the right name for my characters. Here’s a great link to a listing of Norse names – perfect for those writing fantasy.

That’s all for today. I hope you’ve found something interesting to inspire you today.