Five things which distract me from my writing

I am boringly conscientious. It was always on my school report…Madeleine is a conscientious student. But stuff still distracts me from writing.

Noise, generally power tools

I live in an area filled with older homes under renovation. If the gentle roar of power tools isn’t coming from my own house, it’s one of my neighbours drilling, sawing or generally banging loudly.

Headphones are good.


Social media & the internet

I’m not alone. I know the blasted internet and social media call to us all. Distract me. Validate me. Just check the weather. Maybe someone liked my tweet. A quick look at the news. Next thing I know, it’s thirty minutes later. Damned instant access to everything ever.

The day job

Unfortunately I’m not independently wealthy or a kept woman, so I have to work. This is a major distraction from writing. Although perhaps with more time on my hands to write, there’d be more opportunity for other distractions to creep in.


People – reminders I need to have a life too.

Note to self – occasionally stop writing and socialise. While Mr Madeleine and friends are a lovely distraction, if they interrupt at the wrong moment, they are in danger of encountering extreme grumpiness. As with many things, timing is important.


I often talk about Resistance. The little evil man on my shoulder telling me I’m crap and I’m wasting my time with this writing stuff. He is the root cause of most of my writing distractions.Some days he is stronger than others. I try to ignore his little snarks and keep putting my fingers on the keyboard.

What distracts you from your writing (or other goals)?


When did you feel like a “real” writer round-up?


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  1. Hee hee! I love all of these, Madeleine. ^.^ Noise is definitely a big no-no for me when I’m writing, but I can’t even have music. If I’m at home, it has to be silent (and preferably overcast. I get distracted by the world outside if it’s sunny.) However, in a populated area I will listen to classical electronic. :p (It helps drown out the world.)

    People? What are these ‘people’ of which you speak? I don’t think I’m acquainted with them. :/

    Ah, the day job. What a terrible killer of writers… But alas, most of the word is not wealthy enough to not work and just write. So, the day job continues. *sigh*

  2. I share most of the issues you just talked about. Nothing like a day job to take you out of the silent writing space! But you’ve created an organized, lovely website — I’ll bet your book reflects that care and effort. Cheers.

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