How I “Finished” – Tip #7: Being Selfish & Competitive

Being Selfish & Competitive

Now being selfish and competitive is generally seen to be a bad thing, but these two negative traits helped me go from a lump of words to a “finished” manuscript.


Books don’t write themselves. I work full time but I find time to write because I’m selfish. Writing is really important to me, so it takes priority over other stuff. I’ve learned to be comfortable saying “no”.

I’m also competitive. Now I’m associating with an online community of writers and every day, my fellow writers are launching books, getting agents, getting publishing deals and 5 star reviews. I’m happy for them, (I believe in abundance not scarcity) but I want what she’s having.

What have you given up for writing?

Tomorrow – Tip#8 Listening to my gut.


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  1. Oo! I really like this post because I think a lot of people are in the same boat. They support each other. They’re happy for each other. Yet, they want what the other person has. We all do. That’s what we’re writing for, after all, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting that. ^.^ I like the realism of this post. Thank you for that, Madeleine.

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