Interview with Beverley Lee on dark fantasy novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport

Today I’m speaking with Beverley Lee as she launches her new dark fantasy novel, The Making of Gabriel Davenport.

Beverley is also the moderator of April 2016’s Monthly Writing Challenge. A great way to form habits in your writing. But let’s hear about Beverley’s exciting new release.

How would you describe The Making of Gabriel Davenport?

It’s a dark fantasy, set in the present but with definite ties to the past.FC

In a house built on truth something lays hidden.

Beth and Stu Davenport moved to the English hillside town of Meadowford Bridge to give their young son, Gabriel, an idyllic, rural childhood. But in a single evening, the Davenports’ dream is shattered by a hidden, ancient darkness– and their lives are forever changed.

Years later, Gabriel Davenport, now a capable, curious young man, makes the ill-fated decision to go looking for answers about his mysterious past. As soon as he begins his quest, his life becomes a place of shadows. The people he loves and trusts are acting abnormally. The strange woman who lives upstairs is even more haunted than usual. Even his most trusted friend seems to be hiding something.

As one fateful night deepens, and the line blurs between darkness and light, Gabriel must confront the terrible events that destroyed his family all those years ago. He is faced with a choice: continue living the life that was never his to begin with, or give himself over to a terrifying new reality more sinister than anything he’s ever known.

The darkness is watching.

Sounds spooky. What inspired you to write the book?

A long time ago I watched a TV series (that I can’t remember the name of!) which was set in an old house used by a paranormal organisation. I felt that was a great base, but it wasn’t until now that I believed that I had a story that could do it justice.

I did make another attempt a few years ago but it didn’t feel right, although a few details from that one have made it into this story. I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of fiction and I like to weave the complexity of human emotions into this. Inspiration comes to me from the indomitable spirit of courage and hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

I wanted to create something with layers that the reader could peel apart and step inside. I wanted them to *feel* the struggles all the characters go through.


What was one thing that surprised you about writing the book?

The whole process is surprising and it’s hard to pinpoint only one, but I would say two characters who I didn’t plan for, who appear halfway through the book. They both took flight and immediately became very important. That’s what I love about writing – you can plan down to the last detail but then something like this happens and any outline you had is firmly quashed!


What’s next for you?

The sequel is already written and is in its last draft before it goes out for beta reading. And then there’s one more after that to complete the trilogy. Which I don’t think is too bad for something that started off as the first 3,000 words to a writing competition that I never entered!

I also have a short story in an anthology about ‘doomed love’, coming out later this year, from a team of global writers and artists that I’m very excited about.


What are you currently reading?

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which is very much not my usual genre but I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Before that was Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, which I loved.


Where can people find you and buy The Making of Gabriel Davenport?

The Making of Gabriel Davenport is available on Amazon and is part of Kindle Unlimited.


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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Madeleine. It was an absolute pleasure answering your questions! 🙂

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