I’m back in the swing of this writing thing after a brilliant holiday and so what’s next for me?

Origins of Common Superstitions monthly series
I’m writing a monthly series for the fabulous Folklore Thursday exploring the origins of common superstitions.
So far, I’ve written about;
· Bad Luck comes in Threes: Matches, Murderers or Mathematics
· The Origins of ‘Touch Wood’: Tree Spirits, The True Cross, or Tag?

And there’s another eight more to come….

Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights

Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights (novella #4) is on her way to my editor this weekend. Expect a new adventure in the coming months. My beta readers said this is the best one yet!

Returning from a lovely day at the seaside, Evangeline and her family spy three strange lights darting across the sky.

Melbourne is abuzz with rumours but who is responsible for the mysterious lights? Is it an invasion, a runaway airship or something further afield?

Lucky for Melbourne, Evangeline Caldicott is on the case, determined to uncover the mystery and unravel a few family secrets along the way. With the help of a few new inventions and raspberry tarts, of course.

And if you prefer a paperback, I’m publishing a collection of all four Evangeline novellas into a single volume – The Antics of Evangeline. Coming later in the year.

Madeleine’s Speculative Fiction Reviews

If you’re interested in my taste in books (or perhaps want to hear my voice), come over to artdistrict-radio.com for my weekly book review show – Madeleine’s Speculative Fiction Review. It’s live during the week with previous week’s reviews are available as podcasts.

And the rest of 2017?

Well, there’s plenty of other exciting things planned for the rest of 2017, so keep in touch and sign up to my mailing list (I promise, I’m really slack and hardly ever send emails).