Writing round-up (without that toxic chemical)

When I read informative information on how “optimise my author platform”, there is always a mention of a consistent blog content strategy. Mmm, well, big fail here. This blog and my blogging is awfully random. I’ve decided to go with my randomness and only blog when I feel inspired, which waxes and wanes.

Today is a little round-up (and not the noxious chemical) on what’s going on with me. Something new, something old and some classroom time.


The Antics of Evangeline – episodes 1 and 2

Evangeline and the Alchemist, the first episode of The Antics of Evangeline: mystery and mayhem in steampunk Melbourne, is getting some lovely reviews. For the financially-challenged among you, there’s some free days coming up in early August. I’ll post again on the free days to remind you. And it’s only 99c now if you’re the impulsive type.

Evangeline and the Bunyip (episode 2) will be out in late August.

Evangeline is back.

A Bunyip, a monster from Australian Aboriginal mythology, is terrorising Melbourne and The Argus has posted a reward for capturing the beast.

Sounds like another chance for Evangeline to save the day and trial her new monster catching device. With help from her best friend, Mei, and plenty of raspberry tarts, of course.

Return to the Monolith

I’m continuing to query with agents and publishers. Persistence is the key, or so they tell me.

The Production

What I’m really excited about is my new project, working title The Production. I jumped head-first into something brand new and a new genre (obviously I have no grand plan for my career, I’m all over the shop).

This is a horror/high gothic tale set around a school production of MacBeth, with lots of high angst and strange activity. I’ve been reading a bit of Dean Koontz for horror writing tips and the guy’s giving me nightmares. Which is good, I guess.

The words are flowing at the moment. I love this stage when prompts and ideas come out of the ether when I’m brushing my teeth or making a cup of tea. Let’s see how I feel next week when the inspiration dries up and the slog begins. But fun so far.

Writing courses

In my half-yearly goal check, I realised I hadn’t done any courses like I intended. So in early August, I’ve signed up for a two week Introduction to Fantasy (yet another genre jump) with the fabulous and successful CS Pacat at Writers Victoria. I didn’t realise she was Australian, let alone Melbourne based. I’m looking forward to soaking up her wisdom like a big sponge.

Something new, something old and learning some new stuff.

That’s all from me for now. Until I’m next inspired……….




Interview with Annelisa Christensen – the Popish Midwife


Science Fiction and Fantasy Free Book promo – 6th and 7th August


  1. Danielle K Girl

    Yeah, I know what you mean about blog inspiration. I’m all out for this week! Very excited to see that Evangaline is out next month-didn’t realise it was so close!

    • Madeleine D'Este

      Like the rest of my writing, I’m just going with the flow. Which is very unlike me.

      Yes, Bunyip is imminent! With Bunyips, Balls, blancmange and a dashing young Barnaby Rippingale.

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