In my last post, I proposed my own pithy definition of steampunk.

But why does steampunk appeal to me? Why do I write steampunk?


Steampunk is a mesh of my two favourite genres; historical fiction and science fiction.

Firstly from a historical fiction side, I get to research the Victorian era with steampunk. (Yes, I admit I’m a nerd and find research fun). The Victorian era still heavily influential today from Sherlock to Hyde to the continuing obsession with Jack the Ripper and the resurgence of the hipster moustache/Ned Kelly beard. The Victorians were obsessed with all the fun stuff; death, technology and sex and basically, the Victorian aesthetic is cool.

Science fiction on the other hand, allows my imagination to run wild and “make stuff up.” So I can research but then ignore elements of real life and substitute my own ideas. Historical fiction on its own is too rigid for me. I like a little bit of research but I’m no historian.

Lastly, my steampunk universe is a little bit silly (more about my steampunk influences in the next post) with influences by Wodehouse and Carriger. While writing my more serious dystopian Monolith novels, the steampunk novellas are a little light-hearted frolic on the side.

Victorian clothing, interior design and general aesthetic are beautiful and by adding the benefits of new technology and social advancements, steampunk can be the best of both worlds, without the cholera, the arsenic poisoning from the wallpaper and the lack of rights for women.

Next post, I’ll delve more into what influenced The Antics of Evangeline series.

Why do you like steampunk?