My favourite audiobooks of 2016

Another 2016 list…yes, I know. But today’s it’s all about the audiobook.

I’m a new convert to the audiobook and here are my favourite audiobooks from 2016 featuring conspiracy theories, crime, creativity, meditation and Victorian history. Diverse much?


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My favourite books of 2016

Yep, another top 2016 list. But this one is all about me.

Here’s my list of 5 star rated books from my own goodreads list (because I can’t rely on my own memory) filled with vampires, time travel, near future spy thrillers and two present day thrillers.


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What exactly is a Bunyip?

For all of you non-Australians still wondering what a Bunyip is, I wrote a piece for on Bunyips, exploring the folklore and the blurry details of the mysterious Bunyip.

Read The Bunyip: Australia’s Mysterious Man-eating Swamp Beast in full here.

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Birching, medieval peasant life & Norse names: random writing research

I’m in the midst of Nanowrimo and closing in on 50k. Hoorah! I dip into research as I write and so I thought I’d share a few random links for interesting things I’ve researched during the past few days. My Nanowrimo manuscript is fantasy, so I’m going all medieval on your arse.


The use of birch rods for punishment and birches were always my favourite tree. I now look at them in a different way.


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The tale of two projects: kidney stone or maple syrup?

I still don’t have my writing process down pat. This has become bleeding obvious with my two most recent projects.

The Production – a high gothic YA novel – was a constant struggle, getting out 60k words was like passing a kidney stone. Whereas my current Nanowrimo project – The Ravens of Ambrovna: fantasy –  is flowing out like maple syrup.


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Free iBook copies of Evangeline and the Bunyip

Do you like free stuff? Are you an iBooks reader? How about a free iBooks copy of Evangeline and the Bunyip?

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My Top 5 Childhood Movie Scares

Despite my earlier post about being the Halloween Grinch, I love a scary movie and this is the time of year to talk horror.

So, I’ve been inspired by my favourite movie podcast, Filmspotting, to list my top 5 childhood movie scares.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 movie moments which scared the pants off me as a little ‘un.

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Why I struggle with Halloween

I love the dark stuff. I love ghost and witches, vampires and werewolves, folk horror, the supernatural and everything spooky in between. I was a goth for gawd’s sake, brought up on a healthy diet of the Cure, Twin Peaks and black eyeliner in a place known for it’s own brand of gothic literature.

And yet, I have real troubles with Halloween as a celebration.

Maybe it’s cos I’m Australian.


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Free iBooks giveaway – Evangeline and the Alchemist

Who likes free stuff? Who likes iBooks?

I’ve been getting into the convenience of reading ebooks through my phone with iBooks and guess what – I’ve got 25 coupons for free copies of Evangeline and the Alchemist to give away.

Check out the reviews on Goodreads if you’re undecided.

Just fill out the form below and meet Evangeline for free

Free iBook coupon for Evangeline & the Alchemist

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I hope you enjoy…


Evangeline is available everywhere

The Antics of Evangeline episodes one and two are now available on Nook, iBooks, Kobo and more. As well as Amazon, of course.

You can now read Evangeline on your favourite devices through your favourite e-book retailer. For more information, see the links below.

I hope you enjoy Evangeline, like these people here.


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