Four novellas of mystery and mayhem in steampunk Melbourne (and one Collection)

Evangeline and the Alchemist #1

In 1882, “Marvellous” Melbourne was flush with gold-rush cash and the British Empire’s second biggest city.

Evangeline, a seventeen year old reformed urchin and acrobat, is settling into a new comfortable life in Melbourne with her long lost father, Professor Caldicott. But learning to be a lady is awfully dull. Then one day, the police arrive, seeking the Professor’s expertise in catching an Alchemist.

Is this a chance for Evangeline to test out her new invention and save the day? With regular breaks for tea and cream buns, of course.

Get a sneak peek of the first page of Evangeline and the Alchemist here.

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Evangeline and the Bunyip #2

Evangeline is back with another adventure with Balls, Bunyips and blancmange.

In 1882, Melbourne is under threat from a fearsome Bunyip and The Argus announces a reward for the capture of the beast. But Evangeline is not afraid, this is a perfect chance for Evangeline to test out her new monster catching device and save the day. With help from her best friend, Mei, and plenty of raspberry tarts of course.

Get a sneak peek of the first page of Evangeline and the Bunyip here.
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Evangeline and the Spiritualist #3

A Sarcophagus, séances and seed cake. Evangeline is back with another adventure.

Mrs Picklescott-Smythe’s mummy unwrapping soiree doesn’t quite go to plan, and for once it’s not Evangeline’s fault.

Evangeline is a seventeen-year-old ex-urchin and aspiring world-famous inventress, recently resettled in Marvellous Melbourne with her long lost father, the Professor.

It’s the infamous spiritualist, Madame Zsoldas, who interrupts the party with a sinister warning and she is not the only who feels something strange.

And when Madame Zsoldas moves into Collins Street, Evangeline is determined to attend one of her famous séances and unravel her own family secrets. But not everyone is as welcoming.

Can Madame Zsoldas truly speak to the dead?

Who is Uncle Augie trying to contact?

What does Evangeline want with the Professor’s spare hand?

And are there any coconut macaroons left?

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Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights #4

Lights in the sky. Magnets and letters. Old friends and new.

Coming back from a Sunday at the seaside, Evangeline and her family witness three strange lights darting across the sky, manoeuvring in a most peculiar way.

Melbourne is abuzz with rumours but who is behind the mysterious lights? Could it be an invasion? A runaway airship? Or visitors from further afield?

Luckily, Evangeline Caldicott is on the case, determined to uncover the mystery and unravel a few family secrets along the way. With help from her latest inventions and raspberry tarts, of course.

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The Antics of Evangeline: Collection 1

All four Evangeline novellas in a single edition.

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