Who am I?

Growing up in Tasmania, Madeleine D’Este now lives in inner city Melbourne surrounded by books.  After studying law (and never practising) and travelling the world, Madeleine now lives a double life, immersed in the corporate world by day and writing female-led speculative fiction by night. Madeleine hosts a weekly speculative fiction review radio show/podcast on artdistrict-radio.com as well as the podcast for writers Write Through The Roof.

When not writing, Madeleine enjoys podcasts, knitting, forteana, indie films, kettle bells and likes her coffee as ‘black as midnight on a moonless night’.



  1. After having taken a closer look at what you write about your WIPs, I must say that I really look forward to reading your books. 🙂

    • Aw shucks. I am REALLY looking forward to putting my work out into the world. I have to hold myself back from getting too impatient and rushing it.

  2. Hey Madeleine,

    Thanks again for having me on the podcast. I really enjoyed chatting with you and I’m looking forward to hearing it back.



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