Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights (#4)
Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights is available now for pre-order, released on 11th October 2017.

Lights in the sky. Magnets and letters. Old friends and new.
Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights is the fourth novella in The Antics of Evangeline series of mystery and mayhem in steampunk Melbourne.

Coming back from a Sunday at the seaside, Evangeline and her family witness three strange lights darting across the sky, manoeuvring in a most peculiar way.

Melbourne is abuzz with rumours but who is behind the mysterious lights? Could it be an invasion? A runaway airship? Or visitors from further afield?

Luckily, Evangeline Caldicott is on the case, determined to uncover the mystery and unravel a few family secrets along the way. With help from her latest inventions and raspberry tarts, of course.

The Antics of Evangeline
And if you’d like all four Evangeline novellas in one single edition, The Antics of Evangeline is also available for pre-order, released on 11th October 2017.
The Antics of Evangeline contains;

  • Evangeline and the Alchemist
  • Evangeline and the Bunyip
  • Evangeline and the Spiritualist
  • Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights.

Coming soon in paperback as well as ebook.


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