It’s 30th June, half way through 2016 already and so it’s time to reflect and revisit my 2016 resolutions.

  • Publish something
  • Write or edit daily
  • Learn from the experts

How have I fared?

Publish something

With the skin of my teeth, I squeezed this in! If you’re not already aware, Evangeline and the Alchemist is live on Amazon for purchase (Go. Go now). So, I’ve taken the big step into the self-publishing world. It’s been an interesting learning curve (soon I’ll blog about how I f**ked up my launch) but a fun foray into the other worlds of cover design, promotions and tax. However, I’m not challenging JK Rowling in the top rankings of Amazon and so it’s a good reminder that self-publishing doesn’t end when you press publish. Although, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support of my writing community, family and friends.

Regardless, Evangeline is out there for all the world to see and read. I’m getting some lovely reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and all in all, I’m chuffed.

The next novella in The Antics of Evangeline Evangeline and the Bunyip is coming soon – late August/September. I’m planning 8 episodes in The Antics of Evangeline.

Write or edit daily

Thanks to the Monthly Writing Challenge, I’ve got a firmly entrenched writing habit. Aside from a few days here and there, I have been pretty constant with my 500 words per day or 1 hour of editing. With the additional work required with self-publishing, I’ve had to constantly remind myself that the writing always comes first. Without the writing, there’s no publishing. This is a habit I need to maintain every day. One novella on Amazon does not make a career.


Learn from the experts

This resolution has been lagging. Oh well, can’t do everything.

At the start of the year, I went through Jane Friedman’s brilliant How to Get Published Great Course on audio book (highly recommend) and this helped me to decide self-publish Evangeline. Friedman recommends self-publishing where there is no traditional market for your product e.g. a YA steampunk novella set in 1882 Melbourne.

But I’m resolving to complete some type of writing course in the second half of the year. I’d still love to attend Robert McKee’s courses but more likely I’ll try James Patterson’s Masterclass or a course from Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I’d welcome any recommendations for courses to improve my craft.

Two outta three ain’t bad

So… far 2016 has been pretty good, I’m now a published author and despite the distractions of marketing, administrivia and shameless self-promotion, I’ve focused on the writing and editing daily. I just need to get some more guidance from a writing guru.

How’s your 2016 going?