Another 2016 list…yes, I know. But today’s it’s all about the audiobook.

I’m a new convert to the audiobook and here are my favourite audiobooks from 2016 featuring conspiracy theories, crime, creativity, meditation and Victorian history. Diverse much?


Them by Jon Ronson

Fascinating, funny and weirdly insightful book about “extremists”. Totally entertaining as Ronson follows different groups; from Islamic to Nazis, reptoids to Ian Paisley.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

An inspiring discussion of creativity and endlessly quotable. I listen to this book repeatedly for her snippets of wisdom and no bullshit approach to Capital A “Art”.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

I never had the patience to read all of the Sherlock Holmes back catalogue but this is a thoroughly enjoyable listen, especially with the masterful voice work of Simon Vance.

Victorian London: The life of a city by Liza Picard

A fascinating exploration of the every day life of Victorian London. This book was a great help when developing my Evangeline series.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

I’ve said before, I like the woo-woo. I have found this book to be really helpful in focusing my over active mind and getting towards the serenity I crave. Another one on repeat.

In conclusion

  • I prefer non-fiction in my audiobooks
  • I’m all over the shop with my genres
Do you listen to audiobooks? What’s your favourite of 2016?