Now, what inspired the stories in The Antics of Evangeline?

Since I was a child, I’ve loved the weird, the wonderful and the supernatural. I am a big fan of Dr Who, Whedon-worlds, Hammer horror, the X-Files, folktales and all manner of forteana.

The Antics of Evangeline combine a steampunk setting with an exploration of folklore and the paranormal.

The Victorian era was an interesting time, where the spiritual and the scientific went hand in hand. And people saw no dissonance in being interested in science and spirits at the same time. Luminaries like Marie Curie, Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens attended seances and studied the paranormal.

So The Antics of Evangeline are a perfect way to explore the worlds of Bunyips, alchemists, witchcraft, vampires, min-mins, aliens, ghosts and spiritualism. With clockwork inventions, bustles, kung-fu and chocolate eclairs.

Find out more about Evangeline in Evangeline and the Alchemist: A Novella: Mystery and Mayhem in steampunk Melbourne (The Antics of Evangeline Book 1)