Who is your favourite villain of all time?

Villains. We need them.

We need the villain to threaten our hero. We need our villain to be strong and clever. We need her to give our hero a hard time. Villains add colour and complexity to our stories, they bring the complications.

But when I thought about villains, only the scary characters came to mind. Those men and women who send shivers down my spine. And one man jumped into my mind.

This is not my favourite villain for his intelligence or his outwitting of the hero. He brings no witty retorts. He just scares me like no one else can.

I bring you.

Bob from Twin Peaks.


Excuse me while I go and hide behind the couch…..

Who’s your favourite villain?


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  1. *totally doesn’t know who this villain is* >.>

    As for my favorite villain, I’m gonna have to sway into the side of comic books and choose Harley Quinn. I don’t know. There’s just something about her that I love.

    P.s. Villains are ten times more awesome when we can view them as real people instead of just items of complete evil. They have pasts, after all. They weren’t born evil.

  2. Haha I forgot about Bob. Good memories.

    As for me, I’d have to say my favorite villain was always Pinhead from the Hellraiser series. There was something so eerily refined about him.

    It’s pretty epic.

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